Gym Consistency

Wednesday, May 29th, I was back in the gym & a bit sluggish. The wife & I have two kids, both kids are sick, which leads to a general lack of sleep. Even given that lack of sleep, I made it to the gym around 530am. Got in a really sweaty 30 minute – 3 mile on the elliptical, set at a level 10.

From there I got a solid back & bi’s workout in along with more really good core strengthening exercises too.

Getting the diet back in line after a stressful weekend with my youngest having her second seizure ever & second this month. She’s totally herself & much better now, but that really messed up mom & dad I think more than it did her little butt.

Had an excellent #DDPYoga experience after work tonight & before dinner (which was a turkey wrap w/ extra lettuce & 24oz water). The wife and I did the #DiamondDozen & #Energy as a part of the Week One routine.

Off to bed, 4am is right around the corner….

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