Yoga/Gym Consistency vs Excuses

Thursday, May 30th. Kids still dealing with their respective illnesses, which still means little quality sleep throughout the night.

However, like hell that’s going to stop the wife & I from getting in our fitness time! No! No! No! We waking up at 4am & diving straight into the 60+ minutes of #DDPYoga and she gets on the treadmill at home & gets in some cardio, where I rush off to the gym & get my 30+ of cardio and then some weight lifting from there.

As amazing as it feels to lift weights again & to do so without the back pain; I seriously do owe that thanks to my #DDPYoga, which I was challenged by @PaulMinor4real to use & utilize & the wife for accepting my challenge to use it & utilize it right along side me.

Without those 3 factors, i dont know if or when I’d be lifting weights again without the pain.

So many many many thanks to @__TheBossLady__ & @PaulMinor4real & @DDPYoga & @RealDDP!!

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