Ep 64 | TITANS | S2 – Ep1 | Trigon


The TITANS are back bitches!!! And so is The House of D!  Stay tuned for all kinds of fire content from your boys here at The House of D…..







We got Musicals coming your way…

We got Horror coming your way…

We got more of our Top 10 lists coming your way…

We have got Anime w/ The D coming your way…

-David has found his way onto the air waves & will take you through various Anime…


I have guests popping up for various pieces of the podcasts & look forward to many more…

Stay tuned and thank you for being patient.  When I started my job 18 months back I did not know that I would get the chance to enjoy the summer and all the amazing family time that I would get with not having to work bullshit hours.  I love my job and all that it has given me. 


That being said…. WE ARE BACK!!!


One last thing….

Thank you to the following for any number of reasons, but mostly thank you for being influential in this podcasting journey:

@MostlySober_ @boys_office @StPaulFilmcast@MGnPpodcast @BwtHpodcast @frigay13 

Thank you to the following for joining me in this adventure in one capacity or another:

@griddyfilms @PaulMinor4Real @FetchTheGhost @sobased_ace @RIPFATMACK @Jay_G370 and of course Film Director @JoeMiale (I had the privilege of hanging with over the inter-webs to talk about his film #REVOLT.

Cannot forget to thank @DMuns44 for being my co-pilot in this adventure,  @__TheBossLady__ for being by my side throughout this adventure & last but not least my 2 biggest inspirations for doing the podcast thing in the first place….. @ThatKevinSmith (Jay & Silent Bob Get Old) and my hometown bro @JimViciousSCL from @SuplexCityLimit (the podcast channel that has given me my latest fanboy craze…. They Live for Horror…

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