Ep 68 | A Year One Reflection


As we reflect on what has been called Year One, we also have many thanks to give.  Many thanks to give to each & every person who has taken time out of their lives to listen to the content we have put out there.  

Also a very special thanks to the following:

@DMuns44 @__TheBossLady__ @JimViciousSCL @SuplexCityLimit @griddyfilms @ThatKevinSmith @boys_office @PaulMinor4Real @GuruOfGeek @frigay13 @MGnPpodcast @JayG_370 @JoGuidry550 @MACKsPOTROAST

I was asked when I first got into podcasting, what was it that got me into podcasts in the first place?

I was asked recently what got me into podcasting in the first place.

My answer then and my answer now remain the same. One of the first podcasts I ever listened to was from my #Hero and his heterosexual life mate…. Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  One of my favorite podcasts out there is on one of my long time favorite forms of entertainment, pro-wrestling.  A potcast done by a hometown bro, @JimViciousSCL which is Suplex City Limits.

Thanks to @ThatKevinSmith & @JimViciousSCL for inspiring.

Thanks to @DMuns44 & @__TheBossLady__ for being along for the ride from day one.


Thank you to everyone who has ever listened to an episode.  We have far exceeded our expectations with downloads/listens and that is incredibly awesome, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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