2020 The Journey: Reboot Edition

January 2, 2020 is the first official day back at the PF. Injuries slowed me (and I let the last one control me). The work responsibilities side tracked me some over the last few months & now that’s all squared away, it’s time to get back to ME.

The work thing will be better going forward & the balance of me time & work time will be better balanced. The inventory aspect was very consuming & necessarily so. After being in my position now over a year, everything about that building & department is mine & my badass coworkers. No more lingering affects of the “old group”. It’s ours!!! And moving forward everything about it should be significantly less consuming.

I dropped The Y membership & went back to the PF to get back to the basics & find myself once more. The time is now & getting it done is going to be one helluva ride!!

Stay tuned boys & girls, the pound busting, inch dropping, sweat pouring, super groovy D is back BAY-BAY!!!!!!


2020 is about to be my bitch! I’m in control & will remain in control as I’ve now got an idea what I’m getting myself into with this fitness adventure & healthier lifestyle stuff.

The D is out, PEACE!!!

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