Ep 97 | Friday the 13th | Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter


One of the classics in the horror genre and I am soooooo glad that it did not really end with “The Final Chapter”.

Once again kickin it with me is the good brother Carlos & Zach.

You can find Zach on Twitter & Instagram @Yuhas_Himself and the dope #Podcast he does with his rad bro, @TjHolidayTweets called Mostly Sober (@MostlySober_).  They’re a couple of everyday guys talking about everyday things on a podcast you should listen to everyday.


You can find the #GoodBrother Carlos on the Twitter @FetchTheGhost and he also creates some dope content for the YouTube as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that!! 


Music – Bad Mary




The single is called Space Girl and it is off The Return of Space Girl album.

Thank you so much Bad Mary for letting us rock out to your kick ass tunes while we do this thing we do!!

-you can find Bad Mary on Spotify too…..

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