Ep 98 | Side A | House 2: The Second Story ft. @JimViciousSCL


When talkin about House II: The Second Story, the 1987 classic from Ethan Wiley, there’s really only so much that can be said about it.  So why not talk about it with an OG #GoodBrother!?

So that’s what I did.  It started out as a joke like a year and half ago and finally became a reality recently.

Here it is people, House II: The Second Story with the #GoodBrother @JimViciousSCL from the always rad #Potcast Suplex City Limits (@SuplexCityLimit).


Maybe I can get Jim back on to talk about The VelociPastor before the sequel gets made…..


Music – Bad Mary




The single is called Addicted off The Return of Space Girl album.

Thank you so much Bad Mary for letting us rock out to your kick ass tunes while we do this thing we do!!

-you can find Bad Mary on Spotify too…..

From the bottom of my heart, #ThankYouBadMary



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