Ep 99 | Side B | 28 Weeks Later


5 years after we got 28 Days Later, we got the dope ass sequel, 28 Weeks Later.  And as far as sequels go, it is definitely one of the better ones out there.  13 years later, I am still waiting for the 3rd chapter in this series……..

1. #FuckCoronaVirus

2. #ThankYouSkype

3. Ain’t no damn pandemic gonna stop us from doing what we do!! We gonna connect via skype and do what we do!!

4. If you enjoyed the tunes, check out Bad Mary, they kick ass!!!!!

Music – Bad Mary




The single is called Addicted off The Return of Space Girl album.

Thank you so much Bad Mary for letting us rock out to your kick ass tunes while we do this thing we do!!

-you can find Bad Mary on Spotify too…..

From the bottom of my heart, #ThankYouBadMary

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