Movies for the People | Blockers & Super Troopers 2, Take 2 | The Return of Ace & Khan

Two years ago, in a galaxy far far away where Movie Pass existed, two regular dudes started a podcast called Movies for the People and called themselves Ace & Khan.

We kicked things off in Moose’s shop where the acoustics were bad, our cheap mics picked up literally every sound & we were amateurs in the podcast game.

As we got better with podcasting, we upgraded our mics and our recording location.

Recently, we joined forces via the Intergalactic Airwaves known as Skype, to bring you Take 2 of Blockers & Super Troopers 2, our very first episode ever published.


Movies for the People has since been rebranded and you can find them on Twitter @BrokeBlackBored or indvidually on Twitter @sobased_ace & @DroidWaller.


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