Ep 54 | DiE hArD iS nOt A cHrIsTmAs MoViE……….


In honor of #AroundTheHorn, I have a sign up that you can not see with your ears but will once the video is upoaded, but it states that #DieHardIsAChristmasMovie and the stats from the #TwitterPoll that I did where 69% of the voters said that it is in fact a Christmas Movie!!


Anyway, I am fortunate to once again be joined by someone I’d like to call friend, even tho we have very different stances on this topic….. and I cannot hold it against him but Keith is here & he does bring forth some really awesome points.  Even tries to cite something based across the pond…. like we really need to listen to anything the Brits have to say!? Didn’t we like beat them or something a few years back……? 


Anyway, Keith brought along a friend to join us in some Skype Video chatting with us (and it will eventually be uploaded to my YouTube), but he brought along Kurt to help discuss and debate the widely conversed topic of whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas Movie!!


You can find Keith here:





You can find Kurt here:



And to save you time, here’s a link to find ALL of me:


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